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Post  Boushi on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:32 pm

Our server currently supports only If you're running a different patch, you will not be able to connect. You'll need to uninstall wow and reinstall. You'll have to manually patch up to it, wowwiki has all of the patch mirrors you'll need.

First you need to download and install Hamachi.

Next, you'll need to join our Hamachi server, info is

Password: password

Next you need to change your realmlist to
set realmlist

Download and replace your Wow.exe file with this: ?2u2bjiua1ceu3pj

Finally, you'll need an ingame account. Just send us a message in these forums containing the password and username that you want, and we'll create it for you.

Alternatively, you may create your own account by logging into the game under any of the following usernames:

All of these accounts have their password set as "password".

Once you're logged in, you'll either need to create a character or log into an existing one.

To create your account, simply type:
/say .account create desiredname desiredpassword

This method allows you to keep your password private.

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