How to downgrade your patches!! (its easy)

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How to downgrade your patches!! (its easy) Empty How to downgrade your patches!! (its easy)

Post  sycotic on Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:32 am

Hey sycotic here, and I'm here to tell you how to downgrade your patches; it's a very simple procedure.
It doesn't matter what patch you're on, all you have to do is a download and put it in your wow files Smile

Step 1. Go to this website ?d8p7vm6lpddrxpd and download the file there; it's not a big file so it should not take all that long.

Step 2. After the files are downloaded open your world of warcraft files. This can be done by either going into your computer then into local drive (hard drive) then into program files it will be one of them named world of warcraft (obviously). Or you can right click the launcher icon and click (open file location) this will open the file completely.

step 3. Take the files that were downloaded ( all of them ) and drag them into the wow folder that you have opened in the previous step.

In the download there is going to be a new world of warcraft launcher named (private server) when you want to get onto the server make sure you click that one it will say would you like to run click yes and that's all you have to do.

p.s Make sure you change the realms list and download Hamachi. Any questions or problems send me a message on forums or find me in game I'm always happy to help Very Happy


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