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Post  Krizer on Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:46 am

Name:Jamie squires
Location & Time Zone: Uk Britan, Torquay,London time zone
Times available for GM (Be specific):

Monday:3:30Pm to 10:00Pm
Tuesday:3:30Pm to 10:00Pm
Wednesday:3:30Pm to 10:00Pm
Thursday:3:30Pm to 10:00Pm
Friday:3:30Pm to 12:00Pm
Saturday:All day i would say
Sunday:9:00am to 10:00Pm

What languages do you speak?:English

How long have you played World of Warcraft?:Aprox 1 year and 1 month

Do you have experience with working on a private server?
Position/Duties?:To answer the ticket system/Keep the peace/Being gamemaster/Forum Moderator/Stopping abuse/Moderating Forum.
How long were you hired?:2 and a half months.
Why did you leave?:Beacause Dungeon, boss were gone. And there were too many bugs that were not getting fixed.

Do you have experience with moderating forums?:Yes and said in the past question.

Do you have a problem with authority and/or following directions?:Not at all.

Have you contributed to our community? If so, how?I have been ingame looking for any bugs that might accure during gameplay. Also trying to help other players ingame to increase their gameplay.And help players in any way i can if they have problems.

In what ways will you benefit the server and community?I will make teslawow a better more fun community.I will be able to assist other players with bugs and such.

Tell us about yourself:Well i only really play Wow really i sometimes play retail but ill play this more.During the week i go college for plummer experience im a funny bloke at times. I love to ride my Bmx.

Upon acceptance of your application you may be subjected to an in-game interview.
Just because your application is being reviewed, does not mean you're guaranteed a position.
If we decide that we like you, you will then be hired as a trainee until we see it is fit that you become a full GM.
Do you accept and understand this?:I do

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My Gm App. Empty Re: My Gm App.

Post  Boushi on Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:56 am

Application Status: Denied

Feel free to apply for Server-Tester or Moderator if you'd like.

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